Using a mini pcie to 2 SATAII work?

Hi, i was thinking about use one of my boards as a server since i burn the hdmi ouptup, but, since it has only 1 SATA it would be of little help.
I was thinking about using one of this adapters to put 2 extra Satas in RAID 0, does somebody know if that would work on jETSON? Can i find the right driver for it?

Also, which is the maximum HD size usable by jetson in the SATA?

It looks like that controller is a full length mPCIe. It would fit in the slot but stick out over the edge (not a problem if you can secure/attach it).

I was unable to find the chipset or specification of the controller, so I don’t know if drivers exist. It might be a case of having to purchase one and plug it in and see what “lspci -v” shows, along with kernel messages. If it turns out that the chips used are the same as chips used in physically larger PCIe slot controllers you’ll be in luck.