Using ae region with gstreamer

I’m using gstreamer API with C++ code.

With the Jetpack 3.1 and 3.3, the gstreamer accept command “wbRegion” from my IMX219 cameras like following example

GArray * array = g_array_new (FALSE, FALSE, sizeof(gint));
	gint top = 1100;
	gint left = 1300;
	gint bottom = 1400;
	gint right = 1900;
	gfloat weight = .5;

	g_array_append_val(array, top);
	g_array_append_val(array, left);
	g_array_append_val(array, bottom);
	g_array_append_val(array, right);
	g_array_append_val(array, weight);
	g_object_set (m_source, "wbRegion", array, NULL);
	g_array_free (array, FALSE);

This example doesn’t return error in previous jetpack but did nothing. Although it was documented.

In Jetpack 4.2 the “wbregion” isn’t present at all. Is there any possibility to do that function ?


For J4.2 please implement your argus APP by using Argus::IAutoControlSettings::setAwbRegions()

ok thanks, I will try it