Using an FPGA as a PCIe endpoint for the TX2

We have a custom carrier card and are using an FPGA as a PCIe end point on the TX2 X4 PCIe bus. The programming time for the FPGA is longer than the PCIe specification allows for end points to be active. Does the TX2 have any provisions to work with such a device on its PCIe bus? For instance, can the TX2 delay off PCIe bus enumeration until the FPGA endpoint is alive? Alternatively, can power sequencing of the FPGA and TX2 be controlled as to ensure that the FPGA is alive before the TX2 tries to enumerate the PCIe bus. Thanks in advance

Wondering if anyone has connected an FPGA up to a TX2 using the PCIe x4. Does the TX2 have any hooks to hold off enumeration of the PCIe bus in order to wait for the FPGA to program?

Hi wlcraig,

You may refer to below topic: