Using apt-get on tk1 with the latest L4T

Updating tk1 you have to be careful not to mess up NVIDIA’s

The trick is to use:

sudo apt-mark hold xserver-xorg-core

and everything is ok. I could update my packages without corrupting my graphics?

Is this step also necessary for TX1? Or any further steps? The result of a recent ‘sudo apt-get upgrade’ was the need to flash the device…

The xserver-xorg-core only applied to TK1 on R19.x. You can safely ignore this on TK1 L4T R21+, as well as on all TX1. Do not mark hold for xserver-xorg-core on these, package management should function correctly.

Should this be an issue on a TK1, you would simply need to scp or otherwise replace just the file. There were so many improvements in L4T R21.4 versus R19.x though that flashing to R21.4 is very highly recommended anyway…and then the issue for no longer exists.

Could you elaborate more on your recent apt-get upgrade issue? This might be something other than