Using Coordinate transforms (tf) in Isaac

How does one use coordinate transforms, transform_lookup in custom codelets. Is there an Isaac counterpart to ROS tf2 library? Or any related samples or documentation that explains how to utilize coordinate transforms in Isaac codelets.
Is poseTree the way to go? How does one utilize it?

The Isaac Pose Tree serves a similar purpose to ROS tf2. You can find documentation on how to use ISAAC_POSE2/ISAAC_POSE3 to set and get transforms here: Understanding Codelets — ISAAC 2021.1 documentation

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Thank you. I have already started using the set and get functions for static transformations in the robot. Now I am trying to use the ‘DifferentialBaseWheelImuOdometry’. Is it capable of setting the coordinate transformations between “Odom” and “robot” or should it be done in a different codelet once it generates the Odometry.
Also it would be great to know how the coordinate transform between “world” and “robot” is generated and how it can be customized to our specific robot.