using CUBLAS and kernel code in the same project

I tried use CUBLAS and cuda in the same project, but I can’t compile such project. As far as i understand cublas use C standart and cuda - C++? and when I’m trying make extern “C” implementation of cublas code I get error. I really confused about it. If someone already use CUBLAS and simple CUDA code in the same project could you help me please?


I’m currently using both BLAS and CUDA in the same project - I can call the cublas functions from C++ without any extern “C” stuff. What error message are you getting?


I create main.cpp file, then add cubla.c file and with this part all works fine. But then I add file and I got some errors like this

"cudaError" : undeclared identifier

I’ve got the solution. The problem was in project properties where I should just add “cublas.lib” :"> Sorry for flooding