Using CUDA on both GPUs in MacBook Pro


I have the MacBook Pro 15’, with 9600M GT and 9400M. I’m thinking of using both of the GPUs simultaneously for CUDA computation by multithreading. Has anyone tried this? Just wanna know whether it is possible.

Well, now I can answer my own question: yes, one can do that.

It interests me to have a laptop with 2 GPU of different performance-level and different memory architecture (fast GDDR3 and slow DDR3 memory).

Are bothGPU recognized under Mac OS X (in high-performance mode I guess) ?
Are them also recognized on Vista [or XP] ?

thanks a lot!

if your macbook pro 15 inch have 2 graphic card.

high performance mode in mac only use 9600gt

vista or xp only can use 9600gt.

apple didn’t implement hybrid sli, in this laptop. :(

Sad, I expected I would be able to use both, to compare memory access and strategies (such as pinned memory on 9400M) :-(