Using cudnn with Theano

Hi everybody! I am using Theano framework to work with CNN. I have added cudnn libraries (i copied the file into cuda directories) but when I launch any theano script it appears this error:

AssertionError: cuDNN optimization was enabled, but Theano was not able to use i
t. We got this error:
Device not supported by cuDNN

I am using cuda 5.5 (I can’t use a newer version cause theano won’t work with my GPU). I am using a server with three different GPUS: 2 Nvidia Tesla C1060 and a Nvidia Quadro FX3800, I tried with each one. Is it true that cudnn isn’t compatible with these two GPUs? Or do I have to make some setting? Thanks all

All of those GPUs you list are compute capability 1.x GPUs. section 2.5 Requirements of the cuDNN user guide states:

“2.5. Requirements
cuDNN supports NVIDIA GPUs of compute capability 3.0 and higher and requires an
NVIDIA Driver compatible with CUDA Toolkit 6.5.”

So you would need to switch to cc3.0 or higher GPUs (Kepler or Maxwell) and you would need to update your cuda install from 5.5 to 6.5 or 7.0

I see. Unfortunately I’m using a cluster at my university, I hope they will upgrade the machines