Using Docker on DrivePX2

Hey everyone,

i tried to made some applications running on docker on my DrivePX2. For that i installed docker for ARM64 ( and did some tutorials from the docker website (

For some reason, the docker version on the DrivePX2 dont seem to like the


in the Dockerfiles. For example, i have this code in my dockerfile:

RUN pip install --trusted-host -r requirements.txt

When i try to build this docker image, i always get the reply:

The command '/bin/sh pip instal.... ’ returned a non-zero code 1

It seems like the bash command is not working proberley on the DrivePX2 on Docker. There are no issues on my other Linux Laptops.
Has someone an idea?


did you screen this article already since this is not a DRIVE related bug?


Hey Fabian,

thanks for the fast answer.
Unfortunately i am pretty sure that this is a Drive/DrivePX/Linux on DrivePX related bug because this is the only system where it is not working. I have tested 4 different linux machines right now and the DrivePX2 is the only one with this issue.

In addition, this article has nothing to do with the problem.

The problem is, that it seems that the DrivePX is not accepting Dockerfile RUN commands (Bash commands) and is not executing them anymore.


please send the whole error log as with your history from above there is no way I can help you without more information.

Also make sure the DPX2 has internet access as I cannot see from your description whether pip is able to download any sources.


I get that error when I try to build the image with the wrong architecture (x86 image on aarch64 or the other way round)

Please give full instructions so we can reproduce the error.