Using Dynamic Libraries with Tegra VSE

I’m using the TVSE’s build system for my project(so no I have no .mk files). I also setup the project as a Native Project(no .java files too). I want to use a dynamic library(fmod to be exact) but couldn’t find any way to do it with TVSE. It seems the build process doesn’t pack my .so in the “libs/armeabi-v7a” folder to my .apk and deletes them. And I guess I have to load the library some way even if I can manage to pack it but I don’t know if its possible without using some Java code. Any help?

We will support this feature in the coming release. In the new release, you can add the dyanmic lib at Project Configuration. Pelase be patient and wait.

If you copy the SO to the “libs/armeabi-v7a” folder in the “Pre-Link Event” of your APK project, section of the build events. It’ll be included in the APK.

Basically the project cleans out “armabi” then builds. By hitting the pre-link step, you get in between cleaning and putting the APK together.

I’ve added two additional SO files in this way.

Let me correct myself. It’s in the “Pre-Ant Event” that you have to do the copy.

Hello, I am trying to do the same thing and simply add to my build. Adding the preant build step gets the .so in the armeabi-v7a folder, but now my app instantly exits. The logcats states that it failed to start my app.

Please help. My game needs the special features FMod provides, and also this really shouldn’t be this hard just to add another lib right?

Internally we have used FMod for testing and it works fine for us.

  1. Binaries compiled for a different API level so you needs to fix the manifest?
  2. Lack of proper permissions? Not sure what FMod would need but it is one reason for a crash.
  3. Accidentally picking up a different version of the binary like x86 instead of armeabi-v7a?
  4. ok here is a silly mistake people make sometimes but they occasionally turn off the deploy button on our toolbar and were stuck with an old binary that maybe didn’t work.

You should try putting a breakpoint before the SO file is loaded. If you don’t hit that breakpoint then it is not the FMod SO file.