Using Enginieering Design, Simulation, and integration Software for Petrochemical facilities

Using Specialize Plant and/or Facilities Design Software (AutoCAD Civil 3D, Pant 3D, Cardworks, SmartPlant3d, Evrything3D, ArcGIS, and similar); with Simulation, and stress analysis calculation using finite elements software(inventor, Robot structural Ansys, Caesar, Compress, Pipesim, Ascend, , and similar). and all the Inputs from all the specialties from engineering , Put it together in the place of the earth were is going to be constructed, similar to google Earth interface, and using the LIDAR scan Mapping information (Surface, Raster image, Structures, cloud points, etc…) LASER Scan Cloud Points Existing reference, and a 3D Model Review Software, with all of the Equipment, Facilities, Utility Services, roads buildings electrical and electronical: control, distribution system, facilities, and the Station Control variable Interface (SCADA Control Interface) power supply, Project Management metrics, identifying KPI’s to measure the team performance.
Can, all of these kind of software, be used in the nvidia Omnivers at the same time, and updatied all the information in real time, at the General Model, without loosing speed and graphics processing performance do to the amount of users at the same time working on the project (like 700 people)?

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