Using external hdmi video cards with Jetson Nano

I’m trying to work out whether a bespoke carrier board for the Nano module would require an HDMI port. I don’t need a display port for my application but want to be able to debug the Nano if required. At present I’m investigating whether a USB3.0 external HDMI video card can be used to drive a monitor from the Nano but have hit a problem.
I understand that the Ubuntu OS supports the DisplayLink chipset and the device I have bought works fine from the Ubuntu installation on my laptop. Despite installing the appropriate DisplayLink drivers onto the Nano and confirming that the USB device has been detected by the Nano, I get no desktop on the monitor.
Has anyone managed to get a USB 3.0 HDMI external video card to work with the Nano? If so, what is the brand used?
Any alternative approaches of how to get a monitor to work via one of the USB ports on the Nano would be greatly appreciated too.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

I will let other forum user to share their experience. We have Displaylink issue before but it is never verified officially working.

Such driver may need the help of drm driver to get it work. If it gets failure, maybe you could share the kernel log and we can see if any error there.