Using external ROS to communicate with Isaac Sim

Here’s the situation that I am in. I have a Ubuntu 20.04 with ROS Noetic setup. I have an AWS instance of Ubuntu 18.04 on which the headless container with Isaac Sim runs. My application is such that I want to publish and subscribe to ROS topics from my laptop to the container inside the cloud instance. I’m confused about how this can be done, and the documentation confused me too. My question is the following:

  1. For any kind of communication between my laptop and the container with Isaac Sim, I definitely need ROS on my laptop, which I have, and it is the ROS master. But I’m confused about how to communicate between my laptop and the cloud. Using ROS_MASTER_URI and ROS_IP will not work since my laptop and the AWS instance are not in the same network. I want to know how and where I could alter parameters to connect my laptop to directly publish and subscribe to the Isaac Sim container in the cloud.
    Thanks for answering, and also it would be very helpful if you could send me some documentation that would help me understand how to use this. Till now I’ve been referring to and, but I think I need more.
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@vivekvarma98 will have to look more into this, one thing i can think of is to connect via a VPN or open a SSH tunnel to the AWS instance so that the machine is visible locally.

Since I do have AWS, I am able to SSH into the machine, and it is visible locally. Even then, the IP addresses of my AWS instance and the laptop are different, since they are on different networks. ROS network setup definitely won’t work with this. How can I proceed?

The best reference at the moment would be to look at some of the vpc/port-forwarding guides from AWS Robomaker:

We are working with AWS to streamline this process for the next release.

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Alright! Thank you!