Using with Nano dev kit

Hi all,

Im trying to automate our software install process for Nano. Im following the steps of this guide:

Flashing and Booting the Target Device - Basic Flash Script Usage

At the moment we use dev kits but for the production module we would only have the option to flash directly to the eMMC.

Is there any way to test the flashing process on the dev kit (but to use the SD card instead of the eMMC) ? And if so how should prepare the SD card? Should it be formatted to any specific type?

Thank you!


No need to prepare anything to your sd card. It will be erased by flash script and reinstall jetpack.

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Great! Thanks!

Im wondering if there is any option to pre-install 3pp software on the base image, I checked the BSP Customization - Installing Additional Packages but I do not see any option to install these packages onto the base image. So my best option would be an installer script that runs on the first boot. Do you know any better solution than this?

Also is there any was to minimize the installation footprint? (to fit on a 16 GB eMMC is challenge :D ) I would use these in headless mode so I don’t need the GUI for start but Im sure that there are some other packages which I can get rid of.