Using flash with IMX219 with nvarguscamerasrc


I’m trying to synchronize a strobe with an IMX219 camera running on Jetson Nano. I’m using the breakout board from Arducam that has FSTROBE pin available and planning to use the output from the pin to trigger a strobe for flash photography.

I noticed in the documentation that the deprecated nvcamerasrc has the parameter flash that I can use to set flash mode on the camera. However, nvarguscamerasrc does not have any parameters that can control flash mode of the camera.

Raspberry Pi has a similar function that works very well with Pi camera v2, which is also based on IMX219.

I’m wondering whether there is a work around for this with the new nvarguscamerasrc that is supported in Jetson Nano.


Sorry to tell, Jetson’s camera software not support flash light.

Hello , have you found any way to set flash ? I have just tried that after lighting flash I am getting 3rd or 4th frame (in 30fps) but obviously this is not to proper way.