using fortran as host code and cuda C as device code in eclipse IDE

I have a Fortran code with mathematical calculation where I am supposed to implement cuda . I am thinking of using cuda C for the Device code.

I have centos 6.5 installed but the eclipse nsight is crashed while loading the project. Do nsight support only C/C++?Is there any other IDE in which I can configure the fortran Project to use cuda C .

Hello Laxmi and devtalk forum,

My configuration is: nVIDIA CUDA 7.5 tools, MacBook Pro Mid 2012 (GeForce GT 650M), OS X El Capitan 10.11.3 .

I am facing the same situation: did you find any good ways to use Nsight Eclipse Edition or other tools to write/debug/profile CUDA C code that somehow interacts with fortran code? I decided to port the most computationally intensive subroutine of a fortran code to CUDA C: I have used Vim and Atom to write all the code, but now I would like to use a debugger: gdb-apple is not working very well, since it has troubles interacting with the fortran part of the code. And what about profiling? Can I do that with code written in fortran + C, or should all the code only be written in CUDA C/C++?

Thank you, have a nice day.