Using full disk backup of Jetson eMMC to move from Jetpack 4.3 to Jetpack 4.5


While booted from SD card on a Jetson TX2, I did a full backup of the eMMC that had Jetpack 4.5 on it
dd if=/dev/mmcblk0 of="$lImageFile" bs=20M status=progress

It can be restored later using dd again again while booted from SD card.

If I then use SDK Manager to flash Jetpack 4.3 on the device and at a later time use the SD card to restore the full disk image containing Jetpack 4.5 it will crash with a kernel panic

If I use SDK Manager to flash Jetpack 4.5 and then restore the full disk image containing Jetpack 4.5 there won’t be any issue

Is there something other than the eMMC that needs to be programmed in order to switch from one Jetpack to another?

There is a lot of software involved in boot prior to ever seeing the rootfs partition (which is what you’ve backed up). For an SD card model this is on the module itself in QSPI memory, and not on the SD card. If the software in QSPI is mismatched to the content of the SD card you will get failures.

The content for QSPI does not change every release, but what you’re seeing is the result of mixing the wrong release version of boot environment with the content of an SD card expecting something else. You might flash to get the QSPI to change. You cannot make a simple backup of this.