Using gnome shell 3.8 nvidia driver fails to create framebuffer object

When using gnome 3.8, one witnesses crashes of the gnome-shell process which seem to be caused by the inability of the driver to initialize a framebufffer object. Gnome shell mostly crashes at user switching (specifically, at tty switching), but crashes have also been observed at login or logout.

The Gnome developers already looked at the issue and believe it is a NVIDIA driver bug. The bug report and analysis can be followed here:

Please let me know if you need more information. Thank you for your help


I attach a backtrace of the gnome shell when the process crashes, with the relevant symbols installed, and the nvidia log file

back.log (45.6 KB)
[This file was removed because it was flagged as potentially malicious] (72 KB)

I believe it’s caused by the nvidia driver crashing Xorg server when switching VT

Sorry but I cannot attache the file. Every time I try to, the line [SCANNING… PLEASE WAIT] appears next to them and stays there forever. Tried with Google Chrome and Fifefox. Thanks leigh123linux for attaching your files
back.log (45.6 KB)
[This file was removed because it was flagged as potentially malicious] (72 KB)

Thanks for reporting this. I filed bug 1343332 to track this internally, though it’s not clear to me that this is an NVIDIA driver bug.

The OpenGL experts got back to me already. The graphics driver is not allowed to touch the hardware during a VT switch, so it’s expected for FBOs to be incomplete for the duration. libcogl needs to handle this more gracefully than just calling abort().

Thanks, I passed this information to the Gnome developers.

Thank you again for your help


The patch here didn’t help me.

Dear leigh123linux, can you please post on the Gnome bugzilla thread? It seems you can test stuff much faster than me (I am at work, now). I think that now that we know it is not an NVIDIA driver bug, the ball is back in the GNOME camp…

Going to Gnome bugzilla felt like going to the lion’s den (I package Cinnamon for Fedora).