Using GPIO with Python

I have failed to find any resources for using the GPIO on the TX1 using Python. Are there any libraries for doing this?

I put together some links in this thread which could help you get started.

This video might also help.

I appreciate the resources, though I am having issues with the GPIO pin mapping. I’m not sure which pins in sysfs.gpio are the same on the J21 header.

TX1 pinout with sysfs gpio

hi all,
need to control 2 GPIO pins (TX2) with python 2.7…

GPIO 298 and 398 ok

I’d like to directly use them in python, calling their value.

Is it possible ??
[i]Is there a python lib for that ? I saw a C lib on jetsonhacks, but no python

Or perhaps a function, to call GPIO ?![/i]

Thanks all.

Discussing at TX2 board :