Using GPU for Camera capturing

Hi Team,

I want to utilize the GPU for CSI camera capturing in Jetson Xavier NX.

  1. Is there any procedure or commands available?
  2. Can I use the Gstreammer with v4l2src plugin for camera capturing using GPU?


You may further explain what you want to do with GPU for capture.
If it is for debayering, usual way with Jetson is to have a V4L driver providing bayer format (such as RG10 for IMX219) and having Argus managing the dedicated ISP for debayering and auto tuning. This doesn’t involve GPU (AFAIK). Resulting frames are stored in NVMM memory (DMA able, so usable from GPU or other HW blocks).
If it is for another format decoding such as MJPG or H264, there would also be dedicated ways for this without GPU.

If you have a V4L driver providing a format supported by gstreamer, yes it should work for capturing, but this would be in CPU memory.
If you have a UYVY sensor, maybe nv4l2camerasrc can aslo be used so that you get frames in NVMM memory rather than in CPU memory, but again the capture itself wouldn’t involve GPU.

For better advice, send the output of:

v4l2-ctl -d0 --list-formats-ext

(v4l2-ctl is provided by apt package v4l-utils)