Using GV100 to accelerate Abaqus analysis

The company I work for have just invested in a new GPUS card (GV100) to replace an old GPUS card which had failed in one of our Linux Machines to accelerate Abaqus simulations.
I am currently running an Abaqus Standard contact job in 2017 on a Linux machine and am using the GPUS card (GV100) to accelerate the solution. The Abaqus message file states that the card is enabled; however, looking at the activity of the GPUS card, the card is only active for short periods of time.

Should the card be active for the entire duration of the analysis or is the card only active for certain parts of the solution and are there any commands to get the card to be active for the duration of the solution?

That’s an application specific problem so you should rather contact the Abaqus support. Reading there doesn’t seem to be a straight-forward solution.
As far as the nvidia stuff is concerned you should make sure that you’re running at least cuda 9.2 and a current driver >=v396. Use deviceQuery from the cuda examples to check if everything is in place.