Using I2C CAM from application layer

Since I’m new in linux and want to do a quick test I would like to use the I2C Read/Write API’s from application layer.
(don’t have time to learn how to use the ‘device tree’ in order to config my device layers).
My question is:
How by using ‘mknod’ command I’m opening a connection to I2C CAM port in order to use the Read/Write API’s?


hello david.ildis,

I am not fully understand your use-case, you don’t need to bother i2c communication if you’re trying to access the camera from user-space. (i.e. application level)
may I know camera sensor it is, is this the camera driver implemented by yourself?
please also refer to Approaches for Validating and Testing the V4L2 Driver for several sample pipelines to access/test the camera stream.

We are going to use in our environment ‘xavier nx’ connected via I2C CAM to TI DS90UB960-Q1 (Deserializer) and DS90UB933-Q1 (Serializer).
For our prototype I would like to try to configure those devices from application layer instead of learning now how to build the ‘device tree’ and the configuration from kernel level.
Does it sound reasonable to you?
In that case I want to open via ‘mknod’ a channel to I2C CAM channel and to configure the devices from application layer.

actually, there’s reference driver that implemented with Jetson Virtual Channel with GMSL Camera Framework.

Still is it possible to do what I asked for?

hello david.ildis,

what’s the actual connection here, are you going to send CSI packets through SerDes chips?
or, you’re simply consider having user-space application to send i2c command to low-level drivers.

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