Using IBufferOutputStream with PIXEL_FMT_YCbCr_420_888 pixel format

For reducing the processor load, we’are trying to use the IBufferOutputStream instead of the IFrameConsumer.
With that We have to use the IBufferOutputStreamSettings instead of the IEGLOutputStreamSettings, thus is the setPixelFormat not available. When we are not setting anything about that, we get an error:
“SCF: Error NotSupported: Output buffer format not supported: 4104x3046 BL Y8_ER 420
NOTE: This format is not supported by the ISP hardware. Supported ISP output formats include:
+ BufferCompatibility
+ Color Formats
| U8_V8
| V8_U8
| U8_V8_ER
| V8_U8_ER
| U16V16_2020_PQ_ER
| V16U16_2020_PQ_ER
+ Surface Layouts
| Blocklinear
| Pitch
+ YUV Formats
| 420
| Exposure Count: 1
(in src/components/GraphHelper.cpp, function findBlitSource(), line 1449)”

Is there any way to resolve this and set the format correctly with the IBufferOutputStreamSettings?

How do you set the PIXEL_FMT_YCbCr_420_88 from IBufferOutputStreamSettings?

That’s indeed my question, we did that with IEGLOutputStreamSettings::setPixelFormat.
But since we want to use IBufferOutputStream, I’d like to set the pixelFormat in another way for the IBufferOutputStream.

Is there any possibility?

Have a reference to eglImage sample code for IBufferOutputStream and current only support YUV420.

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