Using input files in pgdbg.

I want to use pgdbg to debug my program. But it gets its data from standard input that I redirect in from a file.


a.out < a.inp

How can I do this with pgdbg? Also is there any way to redirect a programs output to a log from pgdbg?

a.out >& a.log



I/O redirection is supported in PGDBG. In versions of PGDBG prior to 5.2, there was a bug in which you had to have one or more spaces in between the file redirector and the filename. This may have caused some users to believe that I/O redirection was not supported in PGDBG. This bug has been fixed for PGDBG Version 5.2, although you still need at least one space in between the run command the the redirector.

To redirect output (stdout):

run > a.inp

To redirect input:

run < a.inp

To redirect stderr:

run >& a.log

To redirect I/O in the Graphical User Interface (GUI), add the file redirection portion of the run statement above in the Run Arguments dialog box. To open the Run Arguments dialog box, click on the Run Arguments item under the GUI’s Control menu. For example, to redirect output in the GUI, enter


in the Run Arguments dialog box. to redirect input, enter


in the Run Arguments dialog box.

See the description of the run command, section Process Control, in the latest version of the PGI Tools Guide (June 2004 printing) for more information.

Hope this helps,