Using integrated graphics to run display connected to GPU

I have a few GPUs that I only use to run CUDA programs, so desktop graphics performance doesn’t really matter too much to me. Recently, I’ve been crashing the Nvidia driver a lot, which requires a full restart of the computer because it is running my X server. To fix this, I want to run the X server off of my integrated graphics card, but my motherboard doesn’t have any display ports, so I have to plug the display into the GPU. Is there any way to use integrated graphics in this scenario? I’m on Ubuntu running the latest drivers. Also, I’m fine with having one of the GPUs solely dedicated to passing through the integrated graphics and not actually running anything. Thanks!

I think that would require using reverse Prime, which is only implemented in nouveau but not the binary nvidia driver.

Darn, that’s unfortunate. I think this is the first time I’ve thought about using Nouveau… (can’t though because I need the Nvidia drivers for CUDA)