Using Isaac SDK without a Jetson nano card

I’m using this Nvidia Isaac sdk in an academic project for the first time, and since it’s remote, we can’t afford to have a jetson nano card, I just wanna know if I can work with Isaac SDK without having an actual Jetson Nano, just simulate our programs and see if the project is working, and then maybe after we finish we can test on a jetson Nano if we succeed to afford it? Or is it mandatory to have everything in order to start?

For Isaac SDK 2020.2 at least, you should be able to build and run your Isaac SDK apps on x86 w/ GPU.

my isaac button of launch seems to be grayed out…im on windows 10 with geforce drivers 471.41 im pretty sure the drivers are RTX…so 2080 rtx is enough ? maybe it is something else that i dont get