Using Issac on a AMD Radeon 650 graphics card

I’m new to NVIDIA Issac SDK, and when I looked at the installation procedure in the documentation, it was written that NVIDIA graphics drivers need to be installed.
I have a Linux 18.04 OS (dual booted with Windows 10), with AMD Radeon 650 graphics card. Furthermore, I have the Jetson Nano, and a robot designed using that.
Will I be able to use/compile for Issac SDK in the Nano, with my existing laptop configuration?
I’m new to this arena, so please let me know what all are possible and not possible with my current laptop configuration with respect to Issac SDK and Jetson Nano.
Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Thank you for your question regarding NVidia’s Isaac SDK. I’m moving your topic from the Nsight Graphics Forum to the more appropriate forum to get your question answered.

Thanks @dwoods. Much appreciated.