Using JetPack3.3 with PCN206440 patch for TX2


Could we confirm more details of using JetPack3.3 (BSP 28.2.1) with PCN206440 patch for TX2?

  1. JetPack3.3 (BSP 28.2.1) with PCN206440 for TX2 patch would fix the issue caused by substitute hardware component on TX2?
  2. After adding PCN206440 for the TX2 patch, how could we verify whether it works or not?
  3. Besides the PCN206440, does TX2 come with other PCN which might not be able to support the JetPack3.3?
  4. Are there any risks shall we know, if we continue using JetPack3.3?

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Yes, please find it from Linux for Tegra R28.2.1 | NVIDIA Developer

Please confirm with our distributor whether your TX2 module is new added memory and eMMC which we state at the PCN206440.

There is no other PCN which related with manufacturing BOM components change till now.

Customer can review each SW version release note to know what new features added or bug fixed to decide wherther they need to upgrade SW to newer version, but we alwasy encorage customer to migrate the latest version.

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