Using jetson-io to enable PWM after installing a device overlay wipes the device overlay

We’re using the Seeed 2 channel CAN BUS shield and can get it working no worries on the nano by following their instructions here under the Jetson Nano section.
We’d like to enable the PWM pins on the GPIO as well, so I used the utility to enable the PWMs, which seems to work fine to enable them, but it seems to wipe the previous overlay for the CAN BUS shield - so after reboot, the CAN devices are gone.
Do I need to merge the PWM overlay with the CAN BUS overlay and have it loaded as one overlay? Or should multiple overlays work?
The overlay system is new to me, so if there is any handy resources people can recommend for this, that would be much appreciated.

hello mat10,

it’s device tree overlay for statically configured settings.
you should merge the settings to avoid settings being overwritten.

Thanks JerryChang.
Is it just a matter of putting the contents of both files into one file one (one after the other)? Or is there a special method to it?

hello mat10,

please review the configurations, it should be pin contradiction you’ll need to resolved.