Using Jetson Nano as Media Center

Hi! I´m looking for a Single Board Computer with Gigabit ethernet port, more than 2 USB3 and more than 2GB of memory RAM. The Jetson Nano exceeds the requirements.
I would like to connect to my led TV to play movies from my 3 external USB3 storage. It´s possible to use a OS prepare to boot with Kodi directly.
I don´t want to use it as computer.

For multimedia usecase, we support gstreamer and tegra_multimedia_api

You may refer to the documents and integrate into your usecase.

Other users may share their experience about integrating with Kodi.

Thanks for your answer. I’m not looking for a developing platform. I would like to know similar to raspberry pi with a sd card prepared like openelec to view movies from my external hdd usb3 where i have storage my movies and series