Using Jetson TX2 with L4T 28.1.0

I am new in Jetson development kit, after turning ON the kit, it has L4T 28.1.0 pre installed.

As I learned I need another computer with Ubuntu(which currently i don’t have) to flash the Jetson to its latest Jetpack, which has L4T 28.2.1 version.

Question: I will not be able to use the kit if i don’t upgrade, or will I get a lot of errors ?
Is L4T 28.1.0 version is enough for beginners ?

Probably R28.1 will be enough for getting familiar with Jetson. You can go with it as long as you don’t want to install software requiring lastest CUDA version, or as long you are not facing a bug only fixed in last versions.
The Ubuntu and apt packages system will let you have a most up-to-date system for your version. Should be good until you you get a host for flashing.

Thank you, I will update in comments if I face any bug.