Using Linux with the onboard videoboard and CUDA with the PCIe

Basically, how can I use Linux with the onboard videoboard of my system, and have my GeForce 8500 GT exclusively for CUDA?

Thanks in advance.

When you install the Nvidia driver, do not modify the X settings. Use the script in the release note to create the /dev/nvidia* entries and load the driver.

This is the standard way of operation on cluster nodes.

I have to reinstall the driver, or simple configuring back the X to use the onboard GPU is enough?

Configuring X to the use on board should be enough.

Thank you, I’ll try it asap.

Surprisingly, I’ve never had to do this in any of my multiple Linux installs. I just install and point X at my display card, writing the xorg.conf file and restart X and all GPUs are recognized for CUDA.

This is even true for the extreme cases like the funky MSI-G65 board with onboard 8200 embedded display, and I have 2 GTX295s and 1 GTX480 in it. It Just Works.

Perhaps the /dev/nvidia hackery is only needed when your display card is NOT an NVidia GPU?

Or maybe because I use Ubuntu and it’s different for some distributions?