Using Mac as host machine for NVIDIA jetson nano j1020

Does anyone know here if I can use Mac as a host machine to import my deep learning code in NVIDIA Jetson Nano j1020? or it only needs Linux as a host machine?
Can I run SDK manager on macOS?
Thank you in advance

Welcome to the forums! This topic belongs in the Jetson forums. I have moved it over for you.

You must use a physical Ubuntu Linux Machine - the required version should match the version on the Jetson module. For Jetson Nano you are stuck at Jetpack 4 and Ubuntu 18.04 as Jetson Nano (not Orin Nano!) will not get any software updates.

Virtual machines won’t work reliable.

Linux machines other and amd64/x86-64 architecture won’t work.

A small machine with something like an Atom J4125 is enough - you don’t need a big i7 or Ryzen for flashing.

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Thank you for your kind helps
It is clear for me now

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