Using -Mconcur on Cray XT4h ( not available)

Hello programming colleagues,
I used the -Mconcur on a hybrid code as I do not want to spend all my time adding Open MP in obvious loops. However the XT4 nodes are a cut down Linux and do not have all the system libraries, they prefer static binaries.

When I attempt to run the code all 32 MPI tasks fail with:

./src_32/xtgmh.exe: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file
 or directory

Note that the code does work in hybrid mode (i.e. 32 MPI + 4 OMP processes). I have read in the PGI 9.0.4 manual that a libnuma stub should be used. How do I force that (the exec is compiled on a login node that is a more complete version of SuSE Linux and allows shared libs)?

The link line is (has been):

ftn -Minfo -Mneginfo=concur -Mextend -byteswapio -r8 -Minline -fast -Mconcur -o xtgmh.exe prog.o

BTW the -Mneginfo is also not behaving as advertised :

pgf90-Error-Switch -Mneginfo with unknown keyword concur
                    Generate informational messages about optimizations
    all             -Mneginfo=accel,inline,ipa,loop,lre,mp,opt,par,vect
    accel           Enable Accelerator information
    ftn             Enable Fortran-specific information
    hpf             Enable HPF-specific information
    inline          Enable inliner information
    ipa             Enable IPA information
    loop            Enable loop optimization information
    lre             Enable LRE information
    mp              Enable OpenMP information
    opt             Enable optimizer information
    par             Enable parallelizer information
    pfo             Enable profile feedback information
    vect            Enable vectorizer information

Thanks for your continued support :)
Dr. Skids

Hi Dr.Skids,

I think your best option is to use “-Mconcur=nonuma” to have the compiler not use the NUMA library. This will have the same effect as using the stubbed libnuma library.

For -Mneginfo, the option should be “-Mneginfo=par”.

Hope this helps,