Using multiple distribution methods doesn't work

In order to spread models across a larger range, I tried using two different uniform distributors inside of a choice one, but I keep getting an error. Why? I also tried the version in the replicator tutorial and that one failed to.
Code: (3.6 KB)

kit_20221108_194012.log (1.1 MB)

Hello @jonathan.meitzler! I’ve asked the dev team to take a look at your files. I’ll post back when I have more information!

Hello @jonathan.meitzler! Unfortunately, the choice node doesn’t currently take in other distributions as input. I 100% agree with the utility of such functionality and have added it to our list of features to add in the near future. Please let us know if this is blocking your work and we’ll be happy to work together to find a solution. Thank you for the feedback and helping improve Replicator!

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