Using Nano Dev Kit for low-volume production

I am developing a product that incorporates the Jetson Nano dev kit. I and am wondering what production volume is considered “too high” for integrating the dev kit?

Designing a custom carrier board is cost-prohibitive at this stage of the company, and the dev kit carrier board fits the application sufficiently well.

Hoping to get some insightful answers from the NVIDIA team.


Hi Jeff,

The MSPR price is $129 (1KU+), however for orders of 100+ quantity, you need to talk with your distributor to share forecast and place the order.
Hence, you may need to find the balance from the quantity and total cost between these 2 numbers.
BTW, Jetson developer kits are not intended for production use.

Thanks for the quick response, @kayccc.

A few questions:

  1. Can you clarify what you mean by 1KU+?
  2. Are larger quantities, such as 250 or 500 okay as long as the distributor approves?
  3. If so, is there a specific distributor (or distributors) you suggest I speak with?

Thanks again.

Hi Jerry,

That the price >1000 unit, you need to contact with the distributor, see, or contact with our sales team at your region.

Hi Jeff. Silicon Highway in the UK sell several jetson carrier boards.
Maybe you can find an existing board which meets your needs?