using nsight 4.6 on windows 8.1


I’ve used nsight 4.6 on a windows 7 machine and it worked flawlessly. I’m using it to debug opengl 4.3. However, I just tried to work with nsight on windows 8.1 64 bit and my app keeps crashing, even before i can attach to the process. Heres my environment description:

windows 8.1 64 bit
Visual Studio 2013 professional edition
OpenGL 4.3 context
Geforce GTX 780 + Geforce GTX 480

THe geforce 780 is the primary card. The app runs fine if I start from within visual studio or from command line prompt. I realize nsight works on 4.2 and not above and when I ran this code on a windows 7 box, i’m able to attach to the process via nsight monitor.

This is one of those crashes where you get “XXXXXX.exe has stopped working”. a problem caused the program to stop working correctly.

My settings in the nsight project settings is Launch external program:$(LocalDebuggerCommand) and checked Application is a Launcher. This worked fine on a windows 7 64bit box but not on a windows 8.1 64bit box.

If needed I can send the app code as well. Can you also let me know if theres a way to collect the log if it might be helpful?

Great tool… but i need to make this work on win8.1.

Also is there a timeline set for support for 4.3+? I need to debug subroutines, SSBOs, image loads/saves etc.


anyone? guys?

Hi siddharthcmdz,

Hard to say why it works on Win7, but not on Win8. Any chance we can have your sample to do some local repro and investigation?

We do support some ARB of OGL 4.3+ in Nsight 4.6, but some other features are still on the way, and not merge into release branch yet.


firstly, thank you for your reply…yes i can definitely give you the code…is there an email id that i can mail you? or would you rather i post it on a git repository? I

btw, its great to hear that 4.3 features are being worked on and not yet merged to your release branch yet…any scoop on what features of gl 4.3+ are being supported for the next release (i presume this is for the next release of nsight)? :P

Hello AYan,
I have uploaded the source at It has visual studio solution as well all the third party all included and set up. If you want, theres a Debug folder which contains also the binary. The source file is called SimpleDriver.cpp. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi siddharthcmdz,

I just got your sample, seems it works fine on my Win8.1 machine. I just load your project, leave every thing as default [Nsight User Settings are also default, I don’t even touch a finger on it], build and launch it with Nsight, everything works as expected.

I am using Win8.1 GTX680 r352.78. I am thinking that might be due to your Win8.1 UAC, do you have the administrator right and launch Visual Studio and Nsight Monitor in admin right? Do you try the default config but not assume your sample is a launcher?

Ps, I do a tiny modification on your sample, call glutPostRedisplay() on your main render function, force Nsight HUD to be refreshed as soon as possible. This may have no relationship with your question, but just FYI.


Hi Ayan,

I’m happy that it works on your machine…i must be doing something wrong…i have created a video with my workflow…and uploaded it to my google drive…can you see what I’m doing wrong?

Is the build of nsight correct? I right click on both monitor and visual studio and run with admin rights… If you can run it with no issues on your side, there’s definitely something wrong with my environment. Any suggestions on what I can do?

Also I have a gtx 780 and atx 480 on my machine. Would having two cards be an issue? My driver version is: 353.06

I have also tried to disable UAC and tried but i get the same result… I tried to debug the crash and I got this stack trace: does this give any hint?

I figured it out…turned out i had appverifier for my application to check for leaks and such…seems like nvidia tools clashed with it and hence the result you see in the stack trace above…my bad… it works…awesome! thanks for your help Ayan…


Glad it works on your side.

Notify others, if you are using such kind of tools like Microsoft Application Verifier, please turn off it.