Using Nvidia Flex as Collision


i am pretty new in modeling. I wannt to use Nvidia Flex (particle System) to simulate a perfect Collison between 3 Gears. So that they can Interracte perfectly with each other in UE4. is that possible? I would really appreciate a finger in the right direction.

Thank you

I am skeptical this would work well given how inter-particle contacts are very much sampling dependent. I think you would need to work with extremely small time steps for this to work well.

@AdamMoravanszky Thank you for your answer. Sorry i was sick i could not answer sooner. I did Try the Deltatime this

way in UE4. Unfortunately it doesen’t work well. do you have any other Solution. Like to negate the inter-particle contacts or to use some art of force to rotate the Gear? i will realy appriciate your answers.