Using Nvidia Grid K1 card with Vsphere

Will the Nvidia K1 work with any production version of Vsphere, or do I can I only use Xenserver? Testing with this card in a UCS C240 server.

It all depends on your GPU delivery method: vGPU, vDGA, vSGA; but in general terms the latest of VMware or Citrix hypervisors is recommended or necessary. For VMware its ESXi 5.1 or newer, but 5.5 is recommended. For Citrix XenServer 6.2fp1. The following site is a good starting point for solutions guides:

The UCS C240m is a certified server (see for the full list) but ensure your server has the appropriate enablement kit, etc., and is current with BIOS and such.

What kind of application are you looking at, XenDesktop runs on vSphere, XenServer and Hyper-V so seen quite a few vSphere users… the K1 is designed really for high volumes of not-too-intensive apps/users (windows Aero, webGL)…