Using NvOFFRUC to generate interpolated frames with no flicker

I am just starting to use the Optical Flow NvOFFRUC sample app to do some testing of frame interpolation of high fps video. I am able to generate intermediate frames with no issues but when I build a video from the frames I get a slight flicker in the video. I have looked for more detailed documentation on the parameters for the interpolation but have not sorted it out yet. It seems the frame timestamps may have something to do with that but looking for help. I am using FFMPEG concat to rebuild the videos from the generated frames.

Hello @chris.marshall and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

Great to see your interest in the Optical Flow SDK. I have informed some of the engineers involved about your question, hopefully they will find some time to help you along.


in looking a bit closer it seems that the interpolated frames are slightly lighter or darker than the frames used to create them, so when combined it looks like a flicker. Multiple passes generate interpolated frames that are then consistent with the other interpolated frames. So it seems like it is just the first pass. So if you then remove the original frames and just combine the generated frames it looks better, less flicker.

Hoping for some info on the above question.
Also, FRUC does not seem to use much of the GPU resources, is there a way to make it run faster? Will it use multiple GPUs in a system?