Using Optical Flow to interpolate between FIB-SEM images

Hi all,

It’s a little left field but I am curious to know if this technology could be useful.

There are a number of bugbears in the world of scanning electron microscopy and tomography reconstruction in 3D, but one of the largest of these is the loss of information between images. If the resolution of an image is 3 nm per pixel in the X,Y direction but 50 nm in the Z direction then there’s a disparity and a large amount of information lost between each image in the stack. Current techniques include blends, fades and morphs, which often produce artifacts and create features which aren’t on either image. This all adds to the overall error.

Could the Optical Flow SDK be customised to process .tiff image stack files, maintaining their resolution and output an increased number of frames which interpolate between each original image?

Many thanks in advance for your consideration.

Hi baq99,
Thanks for bringing up this request. Supporting such a use-case is on our roadmap and we may add something for this in our future SDK releases.