Using Orin accelerators with V4L drivers

Hi All,

In order to use hardware accelerators (PVA, NVENC, NVDEC, OFA, DLA) on Jetson Orin is it mandatory to use Argus library ? The vendors of the cameras that we are using supplies and supports V4L based camera readouts. Are there any examples of using accelerators using V4L camera drivers ?

Most of the examples bundled with Jetson Orin seem to use Argus lib. I am wondering if I can use any of the examples for multi camera encode and DLA with V4L driver/cameras ?



You can find several examples in Deepstream.

In general, users are asked to use the Argus library since they are using CSI cameras.
If your camera can work on V4L, then you can use the V4L library directly.


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