Using Outlook as Dataset for Chat with RTX

Hello all,

I was wondering and trying to use my Outlook as Dataset for Chat with RTX.
I tried to find out if it works or if there’s the possibility of generating a custom python script that makes it possible to let the chatbot have access to my mails but so far I haven’t had any luck doing so.

Is there a way to make it work?


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I am looking for something similar. My current approach is to export emails to EML and either convert them to txt and then ingest them, or try to use “.EML” aware embedding (please excuse any errors in terminology, I am new at this). I started with Chat with RTX (first release) , then AnythingLLM, then H2OGPT and now going back to ChatRTX, though I am having issues installing it (something about being unable to sign a CSR).