Using own camera driver with DriveWorks API


I recently developed my own camera-driver (based on the ar0231 chip) and successfully runned it with the NvMedia sample ‘ipp_raw’. (added a new capture-params-set to the drive-px2-a.conf with my own input_device - name -> successfully running)

I would like to use this driver with the DriveWorks API, like dwCreateSensor(). I tried with the sample_camera_gmsl_custom, but failed. The given error-message is:

CameraGMSL: invalid camera-type provided
Driveworks exception thrown: DW_INVALID_ARGUMENT: CameraGMSL: camera-type params


Some more environment details:

  • DriveWorks 0.6
  • New driver based on ar0231rccb sources from the NvMedia samples folder

If you have any other questions that could help to answer my question, feel free to ask.

Thank you very much in advance,

I think, I managed to get one step further:

Thanks to the commend of SivaRamaKrishna at I included the ExtImgDevParam-Part of the camera_gmsl_custom to camera_gmsl_raw. Now, I can change the sensor-configuration by changing the config-file.

But I can just use the configurations delivered with driveworks.
For example, I can use ‘ref_max9286_96705_ar0231rccb’ or ‘ref_max9286_96705_ar0231rccbss3323’ but not my self-defined configuration ‘ref_max9286_96705_ar0231rccbown’.

I also had a look for the defined symbols in which gives me (cropped output):

00000000000202d0 T GetAR0231ConfigSet
00000000000202c4 T GetAR0231Driver
000000000002a69c T GetAR0231RccbOwnConfigSet
000000000002a690 T GetAR0231RccbOwnDriver
00000000000251f4 T GetAR0231RccbConfigSet
00000000000251e8 T GetAR0231RccbDriver
000000000000f030 T GetDriver_ref_max9286_96705_ar0231
00000000000112d4 T GetDriver_ref_max9286_96705_ar0231rccb
00000000000136bc T GetDriver_ref_max9286_96705_ar0231rccbown
0000000000031bc0 R ref_ar0231_pass1ConfigurationData
0000000000031990 R ref_ar0231_pass2ConfigurationData
00000000000306f8 R ref_ar0231rccbown_pass1ConfigurationData
0000000000030620 R ref_ar0231rccbown_pass2ConfigurationData
0000000000030a08 R ref_ar0231rccbbae_pass1ConfigurationData
00000000000307d0 R ref_ar0231rccbbae_pass2ConfigurationData
0000000000031758 R ref_ar0231rccb_pass1ConfigurationData
0000000000031520 R ref_ar0231rccb_pass2ConfigurationData
00000000000312e8 R ref_ar0231rccbss3322_pass1ConfigurationData
00000000000310b0 R ref_ar0231rccbss3322_pass2ConfigurationData
0000000000030e78 R ref_ar0231rccbss3323_pass1ConfigurationData
0000000000030c40 R ref_ar0231rccbss3323_pass2ConfigurationData

So, from my understanding, my own driver is ‘available’ (I can also use it with the NvMedia sample ‘ipp_raw’), but how can I use it within driveworks?

Dear felix.elrod,
Can you please raise bug for this topic and post it here follow up. Please provide all the neccessary information.
Please login to with your credentials. Please check MyAccount->MyBugs->Submit a new bug to file bug.
Please share ID here to follow up. Thanks.

Bug report created with the ID 2101617

Is there a solution for that topic in the meantime?



No, unfortunally not. The Bug report is still open :-(

Hi, I wanted to know if there is any update on this matter.