Using PCIe Switch

I’m trying to use the Nano DevKit with PCIe switch. According to other posts, I saw that I need to add the following entry in the PCIe nodes pci@1,0 & pci@2,0


(basically, where ever you find ‘nvidia,num-lanes’ entry, add the above one in the same node)
This should remove any dependency of providing REFCLK on CLKREQ signal.

My questions:

  1. Is this solution valid for all DevKits versions? I currently have A00 but I plan to purchase some new DevKits, for which I think that the revision is A02.
  2. Can you please point me to the dtsi file(s) which should be updated?
  3. Is this solution also valid for the production module B01?


  1. It is valid for all DevKit versions
  2. Look for the file “tegra210-porg-pcie.dtsi” and make modifications in this.
  3. Yes. It is valid for the production module as well
    BTW, this solution is about dealing with PCIe devices that don’t pull the CLKREQ# signal low but expect the REFCLK to be available.