Using PhysX in open source project


I’m not sure if that is the right forum for that kind of question, but I try anyway.

I’m no native english speaker so I have a bit trouble correctly understanding the legal stuff in the PhysX SDK EULA.

I’m working on an open source project (MIT licence) and I’m considering switching over to PhysX. So my question: Is it legal to use PhysX in open source software?

Sorry if that is a dumb question.
Thanks in advance



Normally you can use PhysX for free as long as you don’t use it for a commercial use, in this case you would have to pay royalties or somewhat to Nvidia.



Thanks for the quick answer. That sounds promising.

If I got that right it is also free for commercial use as long you stay below $100.000 in gross revenue or the application runs solely on Windows PC. But that is realy not my problem. :-)

Thanks anyway. You just saved my day.