Using PTP in Drive Pegasus Board


Do you know where can I find information about using PTP in the Drive Pegasus Board? Is the PTP time synchronization feature available in Drive Pegasus already?

Thank you!

Dear ian,liu,

Could you please refer to the following section in DRIVE™ Software Documentation (ZIP) for your topic?
DRIVE OS -> MCU Setup and Configuration -> Time Synchronization between AURIX™ and the SoC Using gPTP

Hi Steve,

Thank you for the information. Do you how can we use PTP to synchronize the timing between AURIX, SoC and the external sensors (such as lidar, radar, etc)?


Dear ian.liu,

If you are referring to Timestamp, please refer to Sensor Synchronization part in DriveWorks.
DriveWorks SDK Reference -> Tutorial -> Recording Sensor Data -> Distributed Recording

Hi Steve,

There are lidar or radar sensors that support time synchronization via ptp. Can we output ptp synchronization signal thru Drive Pegasus ethernet ports to synchronize the system time between the sensors and Drive Pegasus platform?

Dear ian.liu,

Could you please refer to “Time Synchronization between AURIX™ and the SoC Using gPTP” in NVIDIA DRIVE 5.0 OS Development Guide?