Using "rtsp-reconnect-attempts" with MJPEG RTSP Streams

Hi, we have modified the deepstream 5 sample app to also include MJPEG rtsp streams, as per the guidance given in: Modifying cb_rtspsrc_select_stream() to support mjpeg RTSP streams - #3 by DaneLLL, which has been working well.

Does the rtsp-reconnect code also need to be modified to support non h264/h265 streams ? When the streams go down, we see the following error: (app has 4 RTSP streams),

stdout. **PERF:  1.46 (11.86)   2.06 (11.44)    2.10 (4.00). 
stdout. ** WARN: <watch_source_status:677>: No data from source 0 since last 5 sec. Trying reconnection. 
stderr. Killed. 

There are code about rtsp connections in


You may refer to it and apply to your application.

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