Using RTX renderer for RF propagation modeling

Hi there!
Is there any information if the RTX renderer can be applied to modeling RF signal propagation from transmitter to receiver?

Hello @user100998! Thank you for your question. I have informed the development team of this post.

Hi @user100998! I apologize for this taking awhile. Gathering information on this required me to contact several different departments here at NVIDIA. Here is what I was able to find out.

I was going off the assumption that you are referring to the Ericsson’s 5G Digital Twin Simulated in NVIDIA Omniverse that was demonstrated at GTC. We do have industry and academic user of OptiX that do certian kinds of RF Modeling. If the simulation can be modeled as a ray tracing problem, then it can be solved and accelerated using RTX hardware, and specifically using the OptiX API.

What is it that you need this for? Do you need to write code?

If you want to setup an arbitrarily shaped transmitter & receiver, you can model it using ray tracing by taking many path samples between the transmitter and receiver. To make things easier, you can the model the world as triangle meshes with a single precision floating point. Then it might be possible to use the RTX renderer to define and specify your arbitrary ray payload.

If you want to do wave modeling, or curved rays, or high precision simulations, then RTX might be difficult.

What I need to confirm with the RTX Render team is if it is able to handle your simulation/transmitter/receiver algorithms which you will likely be responsible for figuring out how to map your needs onto the software & hardware.