Using sdkmanager to install jetpack on orin nx but canot detect

dmesg1.txt (68.0 KB)
It seems didn’t happen,so I dump the dmesg

Please also share the result of ifconfig.

Also, try to run sudo dhclient eth0 and see if the IP could be assigned or not.

sudo dclinet eth0 seems return nothing

What is the ifconfig result after dhclient eth0 command is applied?

What is your ethernet environment there? Are you sure you have dhcp able to assign the IP to the devices?

Sorry I don’t know a lot about ethernet,could you tell me how to comfirm that


麻煩請注意一下, 現在這個問題感覺已經跟jetson 無關了. 純粹是你那邊的網路環境/設定的問題.

Where is the etherne cable on your jetson connected to?
Please be aware that this issue is not related to jetson anymore. More like a problem in your etherent environment / configuration.

The ethernet cable was connected to my host.
But I use this PC installing jetpack on a lot of other jetsons and never fail,so I think it may be jetson’s problem.


  1. 我前面已經說過了. sdkmanager"只能透過micro usb port" detect你的jetson. 所以你就算插了各種東西在你的jetson跟host之間, sdkm都不會認到你的jetson的. 你所謂的" I use this PC installing jetpack on a lot of other jetsons and never fail" 只是因為以前那些jetson的micro usb port都沒有碰上問題. 聽起來是你從以前到現在都沒有用過ethernet來安裝過sdk.

  2. 通常host machine是沒有dhcp server去指派IP, dchlient在這種狀況下是沒有作用的. 所以你這樣接的時候, host跟jetson兩邊要自己手動設置IP. 這件事情跟jetson本身沒有關係. 你今天把其他任意兩台電腦的網路線對接通常也都是一樣的狀況. 我所謂的這不太像是jetson issue是這個意思.

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